Vapor Barriers

Keeping moisture out for the long-term.

Vapor Barrier Products

Husky® Yellow Guard® Vapor Barriers

Husky® Yellow Guard® Vapor Barriers are waterproofing membranes manufactured using top-quality polyeth-ylene (polyolefin) resins. They are manufactured to be used in contact with soil and granular fill under concrete slabs, beams, and footings, and provide exceptionally low water vapor permeance. Thickness ranges from 10 Mil, 15 Mil, and 20 Mil.

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Husky Construction Sheeting

Poly-America’s construction sheeting is made from polyethylene which provides optimum in economy and performance. Because of its good weatherability, chemical inertness and toughness, Poly-America’s polyethylene sheeting has successfully been used for over 30 years in a wide variety of applications. Thickness ranges from as little as 4 Mil to 10 Mil.

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