Decorative Concrete

Create your ideal look with decorative stamps, integral color, stains, and more.

Decorative Concrete Products

Decorative concrete additions like color, stamp, and stain can transform simple concrete into an eye-catching feature. Visit our Grand Rapids showroom to review samples in-person and talk to a knowledgeable member of our team. We’ll help you review options and pricing to achieve the best look.



We offer a variety of stamp patterns so you can achieve the perfect design and texture, including brick, stone, granite slate, wood plank, and seamless texture skins. Integral color, antique release, and stains can be added during and after the stamping process for vivid and unique looks. See our showroom for examples.



Increte Color-Crete is a concentrated color admixture, available in powder, granular, or liquid form. It is designed to be used in all cementitious materials, producing a wide variety of color. View the Color Crete Color Chart and Increase Color Chart for samples and ideas.

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Increte Antique Release is a dry-shake material applied directly on top of concrete, color hardener, or integral colored concrete prior to stamping. Increte Antique Release contains a specially-formulated releasing agent that forms a moisture barrier between the stamping tools and wet concrete. Once applied, the imprinting tools can be released easily. Colored Increte Antique Release contains integrated iron-oxide pigments that add color and depth to the stamped surface.

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Color Hardener is a ready-to-use surface hardener for coloring and hardening freshly poured concrete. It is typically used to provide the base color for stamped concrete. It is applied as a dry shake over freshly placed concrete in light-industrial, commercial, and residential areas.

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Acid stains create beautiful varied colors on cured concrete by reacting with the cement in the concrete surface. No two floors will look alike. The mottled and varied appearance of acid stained floors is common and also one of the big reasons the process has so much appeal. Sample stain for acceptability on actual floor before proceeding. View initial acid stain options here. 

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Newlook International’s Faux Fusion and Solid Color stain options give endless opportunities for beautifying your existing concrete slab. Whether you want translucent or solid color, there are options to fit your needs. Sample stain for acceptability on actual floor before proceeding.

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