Concrete Reinforcement

We stock rebar, mesh, and fiberglass reinforcement to strengthen your build.

Concrete Reinforcement Products

Steel Rebar

Concrete Central offers Grade 60 steel rebar in multiple different sizes. We stock 3/8” (#3), 1/2” (#4), 5/8” (#5), and 6/8” (#6). We carry 7/8” (#7) and 1” (#8) in limited quantities. Different sizes can be ordered upon request. All of our steel rebar is made in America.

Steel Mesh

Concrete Central offers steel wire mesh in a variety of sizes and gauges. We stock light mesh (10 Gauge) and heavy mesh (6 Gauge). Light mesh comes in 5’ x 150’ rolls, 5’ x 10’ sheets, and 8’ x 15’ sheets. Heavy mesh comes in 5’ x 10’ sheets and 8’ x 15’ sheets. All our steel wire mesh is made in America.

Gatorbar GRFP

Concrete Central offers fiberglass rebar by Neuvokas. Gatorbar is available in 3/8” (#3) and 1/2” (#4) diameters. Fiberglass is a great non-rusting alternative to traditional steel reinforcement.

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